Monday, 23 November 2009

Junior's, New York

Our last night in New York we were on a hunt for cheesecake and asked the hotel's concierge for recommendations for the best cheesecake in Manhattan.
We were advised to go to Junior's that is just off Times Square. They started in 1950's in Brooklyn and now have four restaurants, three in New York and one outside the city, in Foxwood casino, Mashantucket.
The place is huge, with additional seating on a patio as well and it was busy when we stepped in, but managed to get a table for five with no waiting at all. Their menu has got everything from salads to seafood, steaks to burgers, pastas and sandwiches, all very reasonably priced.
I wanted a burger so I got a juicy cheeseburger with onion rings and chips, burger so huge that I could not fit it in my mouth but I had to use knife and fork, and the portion so big that there was no chance of finishing it all.
Mr Lovable's meatballs were size of oranges!
And the cheesecake then... we ordered the no.1 original cheesecake to share and it was delicious, thick and creamy. To our surprise it had a sponge base instead of a bisquit one, maybe this is what they do in America?
And you guessed right, the slice was huge and we were struggling to finish it...
They have a shop next door where you can buy more cheesecake and other desserts.
If you go to New York you must have dinner in here, it's an experience and they say that "you haven't really lived until you've had cheesecake from Junior's".
proper american diner with nice atmosphere

'hall of fame', pictures of famous customers

super efficient waitress

West 45th st. between Broadway and 8th ave, New York
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