Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Chez Clement, Paris

Chez Clement is a restaurant chain with restaurants all over Paris. On a Saturday we had lunch in their charming and very French branch in Champs Elysees, right opposite the Lido Cabaret.
We stuffed ourselves with a three course meal, the starter being mini crab raviolis in seafood and marjoram sauce. I really liked it but I was lucky to have it served warm, the rest of our table had it cold and were not too happy about it...
Next was assorted roasted meats for mains: duck breast, pork spare ribs and chicken served with mashed potato and oops, there were random bits of meat missing from everyone's plate... mine had no spare ribs but the mash was lovely as was the sauce that was packed with flavour.
To finish off the meal we had caramelized crepes that looked very promising until our waitress came and poured rum all over them. She was being more than generous when it came to my plate and I was left with my poor pancake literally swimming in rum!
 Chez Clement is for sure worth a visit, we were just unlucky with wee errors happening during our meal. The interior of the restaurant is just too cute and it's fairly big with different style sections so there is a table for everybody's taste. 
really cosy and relaxed atmosphere 

fast service, even though they were busy

decorations made out of forks

123 Avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 Paris, France

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