Thursday, 31 December 2009

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Edinburgh

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a restaurant chain that started in London 2001 when three kiwi's wanted to create a new type of burger restaurant, they now have restaurants all over UK and few in Europe
We went for a lunch in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen on Edinburgh's George street, this being a place we have wanted to try for quite a while, just for the love of burgers.
Their menu offers something for everyone, 100% Aberdeen Angus beef, chicken, lamb, vegetarian, even buffalo and wild boar burgers as well as salads and the usual selection of side orders.
I ordered a kiwi burger that had beetroot, egg, pineapple, salad, cheese and relish, while Mr Lovable went for Mexican burger that had sour cream, avocado, spicy kidney bean salsa and salad. We then shared our burgers and both liked the kiwi burger better, but were a bit disappointed how little beef there was. For me, a burger is all about the beef and always feel that there should be lots of it.
"You could get a burger just as nice or even better in a random pub", said Mr Lovable as we stepped out and I agree. The food was nothing spectacular and the service was a bit so-so. Also, seeing the waiting staff's knickers is not perhaps what one want's to be looking at when having lunch?

towers of onion rings that everybody seemed to be ordering

menu that has got something for everyone 

open kitchen 

137 George st, Edinburgh, EH24JY - 0131 260 9896
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  1. Hello, great blog. I haven't been to Gourmet Burger Kitchen but friends of mine had a similar view to yours. Have you tried the Holyrood 9A? I quite like the burgers there. Apologies if you've already reviewed it and I haven't seen it. I have an Edinburgh food blog too:



  2. Hi Andie, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the tip for the Holyrood 9A!

    Cheers, Mai