Friday, 23 October 2009

Bells Diner, Edinburgh

Bells Diner is said to be one of the longest-established restaurants in Edinburgh and it's easy to see why. Real comfort food in a simple, red painted one room venue that is tucked in St. Stephen street in Edinburgh's Stockbridge area.
The two of us went there on a Thursday night, to celebrate our two year's anniversary and I wasn't quite sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised: a restaurant does not get any cosier or more relaxed than this place.
Their menu is basically char-grilled burgers with a selection of different toppings, rump steaks, omelettes and side orders. Dessert choices are cakes, pancakes, shakes and ice-creams.
My 8 oz burger had cheese and pepper butter toppings with a big pile of chips and it was wonderfully tasty and juicy, exactly what I needed.
We also got a proper relish tray, that I got a bit excited about... but what more perfect could you ask to go with your burger?
Lovely, lovely place and we'll definitely go back.
did i mention the proper relish tray?

really pleasant and fast service

perfect comfort food

7 st Stephen st, Edinburgh, EH3 5AN - 0131 225 8116
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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Nando's, Edinburgh

Mr Lovable loves Nando's. Nando's is a chain of restaurants, serving Portugese, flame-grilled, Peri-Peri chicken. They are spread worldwide and have over 200 restaurants in UK alone. And is one of the cutest websites that I have ever seen!
The menu is filled with different options of chicken. You can get 1/4 chicken, 1/2 chicken, whole chicken, chicken wings, salads, wraps, pittas, burgers, platters to share and all kinds of sides.
They all work in a same way: you place your order, choose how spicy you want your food from four options available and then wait. I chose the 'medium' one that they describe like this: 'tolerable heat. think typical British summer day, without the rain.'
My plate had a chicken breast fillet wrap with green salad leaves, chili jam and yogurt mayonnaise with Peri-Peri and coriander in a chili wrap with corn on the cob. No surprises there, enjoyable meal that wasn't too spicy, just right amount of heat for me.
There is always a side table that is packed with all different sauces, so if you are crying for more heat you can just help yourself for extra.
Peri-Peri salt on fries

really funky and clean toilets

super attentive staff

Edinburgh - Fountain park, Dundee street, EH11 1AF - 0131 221 1861
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