Monday, 25 January 2010

Illegal Jack's, Edinburgh

Illegal Jack's is Edinburgh's new promise for Mexican food, 'Edinburgh's only contemporary Tex-Mex hangout where food quality and service experience are our goals', it says on their website.
Me and my partner in crime, Mr Lovable, had extremely high expectations to get decent fajitas at last, after we have had so many disappointing meals in Mexican restaurants. Maybe this would be the place that would change it all?
The decor took me by surprise, as it is very plain and very modern with long tables and benches, this really is more takeaway place than a restaurant. There is no real cutlery either, just paper cups, plastic forks and soft drinks dispenser that you can help yourself for drinks refill.
Marinated chicken breast, four small flour tortillas served with sour cream, salsa, cheese and guacamole on the side is what we both hopefully ordered. After the first mouthful we both just looked at each other and kept eating. Because we were hungry.
Once again, it was just an OK meal. I really don't get it with Tex-Mex food, people seem to adore this place and we both thought that it was below average. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the food: just one little thing missing and that is FLAVOUR. Maybe I should shut up and cook my fajitas at home from now on?
Oh, and there is no desserts on the menu. Why is there no desserts, Jack? Why?

heating that was on

 super fast and friendly service

chef that came out of the kitchen to walk around and ask if everybody's food was OK

113-117 Lothian road, Edinburgh, EH3 9AN - 0131 622 7499
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  1. Evenin'!

    Jack here. Tried to comment on this the other day, but it's gone AWOL somewhere. So 2nd attempt...

    Am surprised you thought the food lacked flavour. Genuinely surprised. Occasionally the meats don't take the marinade but usually we spot that. Everything is tasted when it's made to make sure it's up to standard. We don't go heavy on salt and pepper since that's available to add front of house, but the flavours that go in are considerable. If you'd like to email me though my website I'll happily invite you back in for a tasting lunch.

    Desserts: spoke two weeks ago to a rep Mackies Ice Cream, am still waiting to hear back. Watch this space...

    Best regards -


  2. oh wow. let's meet up then!

    i will e-mail you when i know my schedule for next week and we can sort something out.


  3. check urbanspoon for the best mexican or french or greek