Friday, 28 May 2010

The Quay, Montrose

I have made a discovery that I would like to share... yesterday I was on one of my travels, this time headed north from Edinburgh, to a town called Montrose. As I had half of the day off I wanted to have a wee wonder around and then sit down for nice lunch somewhere.
I asked the petrol station guy about The Quay when passing by and he said 'You HAVE to go and eat there, their food is seriously good!'. The night before I had done a quick Google search about where to eat in Montrose and found similar comments. I was so hopeful.
So in I went and ordered black pudding, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce to start with. It was beautiful, a superb start for a rainy day's meal; simple, comforting flavours sitting on a toasted slice of brioche. As I was eating I was making notes in my head to cook this for breakfast one day.
Roast squash, chestnut and sage risotto with crispy bacon for main. As I had eaten the most perfect risotto only two weeks ago in First Coast I wanted to see if this would be as nice, but it was not quite so. It was, however, very pleasing with earthy flavour and I did enjoy every forkful.
Chocolate mousse with Viennese biscuit was simply heavenly. Once again, my eyes were bigger than my stomach and that night something really rare happened, I didn't have dinner. I was still too full from my lunch. Note to self: must triple the amount of exercise if going to keep lunching/munching like this.
If you are ever anywhere near Montrose, eat here. I think it's even worth of taking the coast road when going to Aberdeen and stopping here for a meal. It is that good.
simple, modern decor

warmest welcome

very reasonably priced

1-4 Wharf Street, Montrose, Angus, DD10 8BD - 01674 672 821
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