Thursday, 17 June 2010

Restaurant Martin Wishart, Edinburgh

I have to admit that I was nervous for this dinner. I have never eaten in a Michelin star restaurant before and was worried about lots of things: that I would feel intimidated, that I would do something wrong, that I would not like some of the dishes, my biggest worry of all being that we would end up leaving hungry and would have go to the chippie on the way home.
That was a bunch of worries wasted, as it quite often happens in life. From the minute of walking in we were treated so well that I felt like we were something special. I also had my concerns about not being able to take pictures of my dinner and when I said to the maitre d' that I have a question to ask he just nodded and said "Yes, you can take photos of the food." Yay!
So here it is, our dinner at Martin Wishart in pictures and few words:
We decided to go for the tasting menu, 6 courses for 65 pounds. It started off with some haggis bonbons and then hors d'oeuvres that were just beautiful.
Gratin of Kilbrannan langoustine and Devon snail, parsley and grain mustard was the first course. Food porn at it's best, if I  may say so.
Presse of foie gras with praline, apricot purée, black olive tapenade and madeira cream. This was served with a warm slice of brioche. So simple and so very good.
Ceviche of halibut, mango and passion fruit. This was the only dish that I found a bit disappointing, simply because I'm not a massive fan of 'raw' fish, I just don't like the texture. Lady in the next table was complaining that the mango was 'overpowering' the fish but for me it was the opposite: if it wasn't for the mango I would have struggled to finish this.
Red mullet, spelt grain 'A Banda' and new season garlic velouté. Brilliant, sophisticated flavours brought together. Was I in food heaven?
Loin of Borders Roe deer, gratin of asparagus, goat’s cheese gnocchi, sauce grand veneur. I have never tasted meat like this. It was so full of flavour and so tender that it literally melted in my mouth.
Cylinder of dark chocolate, Jivara milk chocolate mousse, lemon cream and earl grey ice cream. Perfect dessert to end a perfect meal.
This was one of the most relaxing evenings that I have ever had, it did not feel like over two hours at all. The service was flawless and personal, the decor calming and relaxing, the food beyond exquisite. I wish I had bigger and better words in my vocabulary to describe it all but this will have to do. Would I go back? Hell yes.
We were both in a strange high after all this: when we came home I said to Mr Lovable that "I feel like I've had few glasses of wine", though we didn't have any! Another strange thing as well is that I didn't feel overly stuffed or bloated or whatever I would normally feel after having dinner, just felt... nice and... well, high as a kite.

 amazing, knowledgeable staff

food like I've never eaten before

their attention to detail

54 The Shore, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6RA - 0 131 553 3557 
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  3. The presentation of the food is better than some pieces of art I have seen, wow.

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    I know, they do look amazing, almost too good to eat!