Friday, 30 July 2010

Friday favourites - Ruth Reichl

My favourite food writer, Ruth Reichl. First of her books that I ever bought was 'Garlic and Sapphires' and I swear I could not put it down. I had to read it pretty much at one go, I cried and giggled my way through it and when it was finished I went and ordered rest of her books. 
An amazing author. You can follow her on Twitter, too. Her tweets are like little poems!


  1. I read Garlic and Sapphires years ago and loved it. Even tried to eat at the amazing Japanese she reviewed when I visited New York. I didn't realise she'd written so many books - will check them out and follow her on Twitter. Thanks!

  2. You have to read her other books as well :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm just about to finish Garlic & Sapphires and have really enjoyed it. I didn't realise she had written other books, I'll have to keep an eyeout for them.

  4. Jules, I can recommend all of her books! Garlic&Sapphires is my ultimate favourite, though...