Sunday, 11 July 2010

Scottish Food Word Sunday - 'Inky-Pinky'

I have made a great book discovery: 'Dictionary of food: International Food and Cooking terms from A to Z' by Charles Sinclair. It covers all descriptions of dishes, ingredients, equipment and techniques you can imagine of the world's cuisines. Funnily, there's even loads of Finnish words in it as well. But what really caught my attention was all Scottish food terms that I have never heard of before, like 'inky-pinky', 'haggamuggie' or 'howtowdie'...
I thought that this is way too fascinating not to share and decided to post one Scottish food word every Sunday.
First one to go is my favourite, 
 "A kind of stew of leftovers made with beef stock thickened with corn flour and heated with cold roast beef, which has been trimmed of all fat and gristle. Cooked carrots and cooked button onions are added together with seasoning and 25 ml of vinegar per litre of stock. Served with small squares or triangles of toast (called sippets)."


  1. Sounds gooooood :)

    Hey did you know there was a scottish food bloggers group on the UKFB site? Just go to groups and become a member :)

  2. How cool!

    Just joined, thanks for the tip :)

  3. I have written down the title of this one. So many recipes I don't even know what they are talking about. Maybe this will help. Next time I am at my bookstore will have to see if they have or can order for me. Thanks

  4. I found this book really fascinating and helpful, got mine from Amazon :)
    Thanks for all your comments!