Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday Favourites - 'Poilâne Sourdough'

Few days ago I was food dreaming and buying cupcakes, as I often do these days, at Harvey Nichols Foodmarket, when I saw some rather tasty looking sliced bread behind the counter.
I found out that it was sourdough from Paris, from a bakery called Poilâne and gets delivered once a week to Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols, on Wednesdays. After chatting to this very charming older gentleman from Glasgow who was buying big bags of the bread and recommended it to me I had no choice than to buy some to try it. 
Expensive? A wee bit.
Worth every penny? Oh my, yes.
Absolutely beautiful bread.


  1. Great discovery.
    It's up there with the best bread in the world - I've been known to smuggle multiple loaves of the stuff back from Paris. It freezes quite well and is nigh-on worth the airfare alone!
    Poilane toasted + butter = heaven!

  2. I wish I discovered it earlier!
    Since I bought my first loaf I haven't eaten any other bread...

    Toasted with butter(and cheese) it is so-o good!

  3. i don't think its worth it! i bought it along with croissant and other bakeries in london chelsea and it is not that great, really and i am french!