Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tusitala, Edinburgh

There is this restaurant called Tusitala in Edinburgh between Morningside and the city bypass that always looks busy, yet I have never heard anyone talking about it. On a Friday night I couldn't get a table for two of us from anywhere else and we decided to finally try this Tusitala for dinner. It must be nice if it's busy, right?
The decor is very bright and modern and majority of the clientele is on the older side. There's an open kitchen with a big wood burning oven. Their menu has everything you can think of in it, a strange mixture of Mediterranean and Scottish. Pizzas, pastas, steaks, burgers, fish, salads and even a 'special senior menu'.
'Tower of black pudding and haggis with pear and sultana compote', a starter we shared was ok, sweet pears and sultanas sitting on a bed of rich, spicy haggis, topped with black pudding.
 'Blackened Cajun supreme of Scottish salmon, with buttered noodles and citrus yogurt' was my choice for a main course. The two enormous bits of my salmon were well seasoned and perfectly cooked and but the rest of the dish was so-so. As was Mr Lovable's burger and chips. Everything apart from the salmon on my plate tasted like out-of-the-packet-meal and slightly out of date... even the noodles. Yuck.
I just wonder who would come here? And more importantly: why? Why would anyone come here for a meal? There's many, many restaurants in Edinburgh where you can get much better value for your money and more enthusiastic&friendlier service. I think this place is bullshit and so overpriced it's not even funny.
Just out of curiosity and being polite I asked to see the dessert menu but unfortunately it never arrived. The waiting staff was too busy either yawning, standing around or being bored. So we paid our bill, left and on the way home stopped at S.Luca for some comfort ice cream. At least we got a nice dessert that night.
 great views

airy, modern deco

big car park

47 Buckstone Terrace, Edinburgh, EH10 6QJ - 0131 445 2233 
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  1. The food looks average at very best.

  2. The service lets the place down really badly! I was in with my family and waited 25 minutes to be served, they then got the order wrong and in total we waited 1 hour 42 minutes to receive our food.

  3. This is a great local family restaurant very popular with residents and has been thriving for years.

    Ok - so it is not the "trendy" and cutting edge side of cuisine but their wood fired Pizzas are excellent and it is a good venue for an informal family tea. You seem to be juding it as if it is trying to compete with City Centre venues and thus are totally missing the point. It is a good quality family friendly suburban eaterie. Get over yourself!